Further notes on 7.4

James Cloos cloos at jhcloos.com
Mon Jun 30 16:27:12 PDT 2008

>>>>> "Daniel" == Daniel Stone <daniel at fooishbar.org> writes:

Daniel> Why not? People who go out of their way to install legacy apps
Daniel> can also go out of the way to install legacy fonts, surely? The
Daniel> vast majority of users can just go on, content.

They don't have to go out of their way.

Even Emacs won't work out of the box (except for snapshots compiled from
CVS HEAD) w/o core fonts.

A subset is OK, but misc-misc and cursor-misc is too small of a subset.

Maybe adobe-100 and bitstream-100 might cover most of the remaining
mainstream apps.  At least for latin1 users.

Daniel> Bear in mind that the default for the server is now for built-in
Daniel> fonts only, so you have to change it anyway.

Yes.  I didn't upate the ebuild to force --disable-builtin-fonts because
I presumed that external fontpath entries would also work.

Bad presumption.  Several apps broke.  And latin1 only is an unfortunate
default in and of itself.

Had to recompile.

At least dolt makes a recompile *wildly* faster than it had been.

Of course, if no one bothers with anything other than the individual
directory, and the distributions disable-builtin-fonts and make the
necessary fonts dependencies for the relevant apps, it doesn't much
matter what fonts are in module-list.txt.

Let’s then at least be sure to make sure our customers (as it were)
understand the implications of dropping core fonts from the xserver’s
dependency list when they make their packages.  (Asuming the follow
the recomendations of module-list.txt.

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