spaces in pathnames

Barry Scott barry.scott at
Mon Jun 30 09:38:35 PDT 2008

Jeremy Huddleston wrote:
> On Jun 30, 2008, at 07:49, Peter O'Gorman wrote:
>> Glynn Clements wrote:
>>> I can't say for certain that it's absolutely impossible, but any
>>> solution will be both ugly and fragile.
>> Indeed, startx does not have to be a sh script on Mac OS X, nor does  
>> it
>> have to be portable, it can all either be in a #if __APPLE__ or built
>> from a different cpp file, etc.
>> Jeremy, is startx the only place where this matters?
If this is only for the Mac you could write a python version that will 
be robust with the
spaces issue. Python is always part of the Mac system so you can rely on 
it working.


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