Question about synaptics driver

Florian Echtler floe at
Mon Jun 30 02:46:52 PDT 2008

Hi everyone,

I hope this is not too far off-topic, but I didn't find anywhere else
to ask. I'm using the synaptics driver 0.14.6. I've read the Synaptics
Touchpad Interfacing Guide from the driver homepage, but I couldn't find
an answer to my question. 

My touchpad (Thinkpad T60) does have multifinger detection, and I can
use, e.g., "synclient -m 100" to verify this. However, when I place
a second finger on the pad, the f value goes up by one, while the
coordinate stays the same. In fact, I always get the back the
coordinates from the last finger. However, for the application I'm
having in mind, I would need the coordinates from the midpoint between
the two fingers (older touchpads showed this behaviour, I think). Can I
perhaps simply disable the multifinger detection, or is there some
other way to achieve this?

Thanks, Yours, Florian
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