Resolution indpendence

Marco marcodefreitas at
Sat Jun 28 13:10:38 PDT 2008

James Cloos escreveu:
>>>>>> "Glynn" == Glynn Clements <glynn at> writes:
> Glynn> And I wouldn't use anti-aliasing. The visual system relies upon
> Glynn> edge detection, and blurring the edges reduces legibility. The
> Glynn> place for anti-aliased text is if you are viewing the page as
> Glynn> "artwork" (rather than trying to read it), where accurately
> Glynn> representing the balance between ink and paper is more important.
> That is strongly dependent on the type of grid-fitting.  A well-
> instructed sfnt/glyf font will look better than a bitmap font, by
> fitting the vertical and horizontal strokes to the grid and using
> grayscale (or subpixel colouring) only on diagonals and curves.
> -JimC
The only thing about anti-aliasing what I hate: when a white text on dark
background looks thinner than the same text in black on white background.

Marco de Freitas

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