ATI Radeon X1650 Pro proble

Bridgman, John John.Bridgman at
Thu Jun 26 12:10:48 PDT 2008

>>There seems to be some mismatch. Also, how do i get a matching drm
module ?
I am assuming that the current one in 2.6.20 should kernel branch should
Since full X1xxx support was only added over the last couple of months
the drivers you are getting are all probably much too old. Best bet
would be to pick up the latest xf86-video-ati, mesa/drm and mesa/mesa
sources from git. You'll probably need a newer x server as well. 

The full 5xx 3d support came just after Hardy locked down IIRC, but I
*think* Hardy would be OK for 2D and video acceleration on your card.

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