Fedora9, X 1.4.99, xorg-x11-driver-intel, framebuffer corruption?

Dmitry E. Mikhailov sexandvodka at gmail.com
Wed Jun 25 09:07:08 PDT 2008


Recently I upgraded my Fedora8 to Fedora9.

I do really really regret it. KDE 4 is FUBAR. They're moving /\/\$ V*sta way. 
But that's quite another story.

I switched from KDE to XFCE and noticed a framebuffer corruption. Really 
repeatable problem: open 25 terminal windows by clicking the terminal icon 
fast and close it one-by-one. Sooner or later you'd get rubbish instead of 
the window. You can ALT-TAB to another window and then switch back. Rubbish 
is still there. It dissapears if you somehow trigger a redraw of the window 
(resize for example).

If Xserver is started and I switch to the VGA console (framebuffer console 
drivers are not compiled in the kernel), sooner or later I get an interesting 
artifact: letters start dissapearing. I even thought it's some kind of a 
virus but if Xserver is stopped, there's no corruption. It seems like 
corruption of the font memory.

Is it a hardware failure? Or what the heck is it?

Xserver is 1.4.99.   intel video driver version 2.2. Tried newest 2.3. Doesn't 
help. Can't compile old i810 ver 1.7.4 because it's not compatible with X 

Any ideas?

        Best regards, Dmitry

P.S. It may look like a video memory failure, but intel video cards have no 
external special video memory, it's taken from system RAM. Under Fedora8 I 
got uptimes of about half a month and more. I'm totally out of ideas/

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