Help me, I want to draw true type fonts in a window

Eeri Kask Eeri.Kask at
Wed Jun 25 01:21:44 PDT 2008

Lucas <lnf07 at> wrote:

> I just want to write a true type string in a window, because that,
 > I think is not necessary to use another high-level library or toolkit.
 > But if I can't do this with xft.h, I will try another tool.

Take a look at at

probably this helps.  In "production code" check if XftDrawCreate() 
returned a null pointer.

In front of the application you can test if Xft is available at all:

     if ((FcTrue == XftInit(0)) && (FcTrue == XftInitFtLibrary())) {


     Eeri Kask

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