Opera and EXA: ``X Shared memory extension is not available''

Arkadiusz Miskiewicz arekm at maven.pl
Tue Jun 24 00:56:56 PDT 2008

On Tuesday 24 June 2008, Eirik Byrkjeflot Anonsen wrote:
> Juliusz Chroboczek <Juliusz.Chroboczek at pps.jussieu.fr> writes:
> > Thanks for your reply, Eirik.
> >
> >> And you may get a slightly different answer from the people who
> >> actually know this part of the code :)
> >
> > Would you be so kind as to forward the following summary to whoever
> > you think is the right person, then?
> I think it is better if you make a bug report
> (https://bugs.opera.com/wizard).  That's the only way to make sure it
> will actually be handled correctly.

Just note that there is no way to track on what is happening with the bug 
report and in most cases no one will contact you or tell you that the bug is 
fixed ;-) 

(yeah, opera bts is crap)

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