Dualhead & AIGLX

Julian von Mendel xorg at derjulian.net
Sat Jun 21 05:36:27 PDT 2008

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One month ago, I asked why dual head wouldn't work on my system, with
the following configuration:
Ubuntu 8.04 (Xorg 7.3+10ubuntu10.1), Radeon 9250SE card, two 1200x1024
TFTs connected to the VGA and DVI ports of the graphics card.

At that time, we didn't find a solution for strange display errors.
(The monitor connected to the VGA port got black,
and the DVI monitor was only partly usable. One half of the DVI monitor
and the complete VGA monitor didn't display anything except the still
movable mouse pointer. The other half of the DVI monitor still displayed
all windows and was usable without any problems.)

As it turned out, everything works fine if I deactivate Compiz.
As soon as it was switched off, xrandr --output VGA-0 --left-of DVI-0
worked flawlessly.

I can use both monitors now, but I miss especially Compiz's zoom
feature. Is this a limitation of my graphics card? (If the answer's yes,
which graphics card could handle it?) Or is it a bug, which could be
fixed in future?
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