how to enable H/w graphics acceleration in Xserver/hw/xfree86

Tiago Vignatti vignatti at
Fri Jun 20 14:40:10 PDT 2008

rama prasad escreveu:
>> Hello List,
>> I am porting Xfree86 to CIRRUS ep93xx embedded board that has a built-in
>> graphics adapter that supports H/W accelaration. The grahics driver has been
>> provided by CIRRUS in kernel.
>> When I tested it, I found the graphics driver routines are not at all
>> called by the X server. It seems the Xserver is using the default software
>> frame buffer driver instead of the H/w graphics driver.
>> How to tell Xserver to use the H/w graphics driver ?
>> What routines/files in Xserver calls the H/W graphics driver ?

Go in this way:

Good luck,

Tiago Vignatti
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