yet another xorg build problem

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Thu Jun 19 17:41:55 PDT 2008

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Simon Thum wrote:
>> OK, I had little experience with, didn't realize it would
>> take the
>> same args I was used to feeding into configure.
> ./configure --disable-glx --disable-dri
> was enough for me to rule out the mesa dependency. If that helps you.

Well, I got past dix, and anything else I had gotten to so far, and I now had a
stop in xserver/hw/xfree86.  A linking line is demanding -lGLu, and, well, I
haven't got one.  I  have libGLU with various endings, but no libGLu*.  OK, I
tried to find what the heck was calling this out, and even though I did a
recursive grep from the root of the xorg soource (one higher than xserver) I
could neither find any reference to libGLu* nor can I find any library with a
name like that (when searching with find).  I can't find where the heck that lib
is being called out from (because I would have investigated, and maybe changed
GLu for GLU).

Any idea where that libGLu came from?  I have added in builds for dri2proto,
mesa, and drm.  I can't figure it out.  I already checked both of my 2 pkgconfig
directories for a .pc callout.  I just can't figure out where it's coming from.

Nice thing is, I'm very nearly finished with this build, finally.

> -Simon

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