xorg build problems: dtrace script

Chuck Robey chuckr at telenix.org
Wed Jun 18 15:02:53 PDT 2008

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Alan Coopersmith wrote:
> Chuck Robey wrote:
>> I've never seen this type of thing before.  Is it a precompiler of some sort?
>> It's getting an error, looks like it's tripping over a common FreeBSD type, a
>> uid_t.  I know how I'd handle this with a C file, I'd find out where it was
>> defined, see if it was already included but had define masking problems, or if
>> it just plain wasn't included before, and then add an include for it, but I
>> don't know what the heck this thing is ... code is /usr/lib??  that's wacky ...
>> Anyhow, here's the last part of the error listing (from xserver,dix).  If you
>> don't recognize the error, but know something about the .d files, you could tell
>> me, then I could pester the FreeBSD folks about it:
>> ranlib .libs/libdix.a
>> creating libdix.la
>> (cd .libs && rm -f libdix.la && ln -s ../libdix.la libdix.la)
>> /usr/sbin/dtrace -G -C -o dtrace-dix.o -s ../dix/Xserver.d .libs/*.o
>> dtrace: failed to compile script ../dix/Xserver.d: "/usr/lib/dtrace/psinfo.d",
>> line 37: syntax error near "uid_t"
> In that step, the dtrace program is using the information in the Xserver.d text
> file to post-process the binaries to insert the dtrace probe points.    I don't
> know if anyone has tried building on FreeBSD with the dtrace probes since those
> were just integrated to the FreeBSD kernel, and would have to check with the
> guys who did the dtrace port to FreeBSD to see if there's anything different we
> need to do there.   (I know MacOS X needs changes to the dtrace routines, but
> I've never gotten to a Leopard machine to fix them, and the Apple guys working
> on X have had a lot of higher priority things to fix first.)

Fine, that's enough info for me to make the rest of the way on my own.
Appreciate it.
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