to thread the X server (?)

Tiago Vignatti vignatti at
Wed Jun 18 14:01:15 PDT 2008


Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade escreveu:
> s/fair/smart/. By enqued I mean there is no update of cursor position
> from the signal handler, to give the impression of a smooth cursor, even
> if the server is under heavy load.

Ohh, I think you're talking about silken cursor. I don't know if the 
concept of 'silken' also belongs to thread (instead SIGIO). But yes, if 
the cursor is rendered in hw, the input thread updates it (well, the 
driver/videocard updates) before enqueue and we've got a nice smooth 
cursor even if the server is drawing a lot of things, for instance.

And no. The Smart Scheduler is nothing related with this particular 
scheme of device handling. The Smart Scheduler deals with clients.

(anyway, if I want to speed up the server by inserting some threads, I 
must understand the right paths of the scheduler and probably will deal 
with this all.  But not at this moment. "Premature optimization is the 
root of all evil")

>  Let me see if I undestood... One thread (p)select on the descriptors,
> and wake another using a pipe?

exactly. See yourself:

Thank you,

Tiago Vignatti
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