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Dan Nicholson wrote:
> On Tue, Jun 17, 2008 at 11:15 AM, Chuck Robey <chuckr at> wrote:
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>> Dan Nicholson wrote:
>>> gl.pc comes from mesa, and you really need the mesa version to build
>>> GLX and DRI in the server. It needs headers in $includedir/GL like
>>> GL/internal/dri_interface.h. Nvidia's gl doesn't provide the DRI
>>> interface.
>> Yes but (famous last words??) don't I need to use the nvidia version, no matter
>> how it might be warped, because it's the only one that'll work for my card?
>> I would be overjoyed to find myself wrong.
> At runtime, you'd want Nvidia's libGL to run any GL applications. But
> at build time, you need mesa's GL/DRI headers for the server. So, just
> make sure mesa's gl.pc is in PKG_CONFIG_PATH at build time and then
> make sure the dynamic linker picks up Nvidia's first at
> runtime (LD_LIBRARY_PATH or /etc/ or just move mesa's libGL
> out of the way). At least, that's the idea. I've never actually played
> the Nvidia libGL game.

Great, that makes sense and I can/will do it.  OK, I stopped my build to get the
 Mesa stuff straightened out, and found from the listing that it wasn't building
with gettext.  I have gettext on my machine, so I was a bit puzzled.  I noticed
(in checking where the gettext.pc was) 2 items:  First, my gettext version was
slightly out of date, and the gettext build didn't have a .pc file in it.

OK, I updated my gettext install to 0.17 (I think that was it), but I can't
update the .pc from nothing, and I can't see any refs to getting the lib info
into the build from the Xorg Wiki modular build instructions.  I need some help
to get it liking my gettext (it's installed with all the rest of my libs, in

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