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Tue Jun 17 11:14:15 PDT 2008

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Chuck Robey wrote:
> I've gone back to building xorg from sources (git).  I found I had the same
> error I hit last time, when I decided I needed to finish off my research first,
> which is that pkg-config coulnd't find a gl.pc.  I went and checked, it's the
> glproto.pc that's asking for that lib, but my box's lg comes from specially
> munged sources from Nvidia (because of my Nvidia 8600GTS card) and Nvidia's gl
> build hasn't got any gl.pc in it to be installed.
> Anybody got a gl.pc in any of their pkgconfig locations?  I'll edit it for my
> local state, but I need to know what it wants in terms of dependencies, like
> that.  If you could mail me one, I'd appreciate that, and my build would sure
> like it also.

Forget it, I found a template for a gl.pc and warped it into shape, thanks anyhow.

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