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Günther Brammer wrote:
> Am Sonntag, den 15.06.2008, 22:33 -0400 schrieb François-Denis Gonthier:
>> Hello all,
>> I've been playing around with trying to convert X11.protocol to
>> docbook using doclifter.
> I'm converting the documents in the Xext directory. (I was interested
> in the mit-shm extension.) I also knew nothing about troff a few days
> ago, but the doclifter source code and the documentation of the ms
> format [1] was enough to fix some Doclifter 2.3 bugs in the
> MsInterpreter class. I'm attaching the patch in case anyone is
> interested. 
> But X11.protocoll does not seem to use the ms format. doclifter -v
> prints a stacktrace on unexpected exceptions, maybe that will help.
> Günther
> [1]

Hmm.  My favorite troff guide, "Unix Text Processing", is now available free on
the net in a pdf.  Beyond that, I have 2 hardcopies of it... I'm honestly rather
disabled, but if you're really going to USE it, and were to send me a stamped,
self-addressed padded mailer big enough for a 2" thick, large trade paperback,
could snag that second copy from me.  My way of paying back all that good advice
I've gotten from this list, so, no charge (beyond the cost of the SAD mailer).
I can get it mailed here fairly quick.  Write to me, I'll give you my address
(and avoid the problem of getting 18 SAD mailers asking for the same thing).

Unless you're like me, and really very much prefer paper docs to electronic
ones, you'd be well advised to go after the web pdf version.  I found it last
time via google, it's out there.

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