Was: Wrapping up 7.4 (finally)

pcpa at mandriva.com.br pcpa at mandriva.com.br
Fri Jun 13 17:59:30 PDT 2008

Quoting Peter Hutterer <peter at cs.unisa.edu.au>:

> On Fri, Jun 13, 2008 at 06:42:10PM +0200, Simon Thum wrote:
>> Peter Hutterer wrote:
>>> Actually, the interesting thing would be to look at the whole DeviceIntPtr
>>> and
>>> InputInfo struct and check which information is actually accessed. This
>>> should
>>> give us an indication into what is required for the ABI.
>> Sure. I just set up eclipse as the wiki suggests, but I find the search
>> index (or the search functionality as such) too unreliable for such kind of
>> work. Is there known-good indexing for xorg sources?
> I found ctags, cscope and the occasional grep to be quite sufficient for most
> things. For ctags it is worth it getting a global setup as described
> in http://wiki.x.org/wiki/Development/Documentation/UsingCtags

  vi and emacs have tags support (emacs may need running "etags").

  I have patches for xedit in 
that adds ctags support, reverts some xprint changes, allow again xedit
to show syntax highlight, automatic indentation, regex, ispell, etc.
  I also started writting a modified ctags that would work by also
finding function calls, understand about macro calls and symbols defined
by macros, what is common.., and have a pseudo database for incremental
update (running ctags -R on linux kernel sources for example will take
several minutes, and several seconds again when loading the database on
the editor, not to tell that it may take hundred megabytes, but I did not
care much about that because X Server sources takes a few seconds to "tag",
and my xedit patches were not applied...

  You can also check gnu global at http://www.gnu.org/software/global/.

> Cheers,
>  Peter


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