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David Gerard dgerard at
Fri Jun 13 07:12:48 PDT 2008

Jordi Polo wrote:

>First, about the wiki engine, Daniel asked for a Moin replacement. What
>about Trac? ( ) it is basically the same syntax
>than Moin moin, it integrates a bug tracking system (what I don't know if it
>is a good idea)  and a lot of plugins ( It is moin
>moin so horrible to be replaced? Then is not mediawiki the most beatiful
>wiki engine out there?

You don't want to convert wiki engines if you can avoid doing so.

The best way to get to MediaWiki is to start on MediaWiki. I've done a
Moin->MW conversion and it sucks. See: (which I largely wrote).

The essential problem is that anyone who does this job does it
precisely once, so there's no-one who really maintains a good
converter script.

A much better idea:

1. Fix the old wiki in place. Triage pages into "current, needs
fixing, historical."
2. Start a new wiki, move pages one at a time from the old one,
keeping the old one up. (See filtering routine linked from above

- d.

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