Was: Wrapping up 7.4 (finally)

Simon Thum simon.thum at gmx.de
Fri Jun 13 06:10:25 PDT 2008

Peter Hutterer wrote:

> A better fix may be to reduce the information passed around between input
> drivers and the server. The driver doesn't really need to know anything but
> the fd and the configure options, everything else is done through defined
> APIs. I remember daniel mentioning a similar desire previously.
> Our current ABI is ridiculous, we pass these huge structs around that are
> never actually used, yet we can't change them for risk of an ABI break.
> We basically need to go through all device drivers (the popular ones anyway)
> and analyse what is unnessecarily passed around. However, I'm not sure if that
> will happen for 1.6, but if you're up for the task, go for it.  
Well, constrained to valuators, I feel up to the task. I don't know the 
state of this [1] but it looks like the approriate framework effort.

> Master already does last.valuators[MAX_VALUATORS] instead of last_x/y [1]. I
> guess remaind needs to be changed as well then.
Thanks for the hint. I guess remaind is far less distributed, so I'd say 
I target this along with acceleration for 1.6.

[1] http://www.x.org/wiki/XOrgInputDriverSpec

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