gentoo xorg-server live ebuild needs removal of mesa deps

Beso givemesugarr at
Fri Jun 13 03:14:59 PDT 2008

i apologize if i've already sent this mail, and that i'm using this
mailing list for this, but i don't know how to contact the mantainer
in other ways and some days ago i've seen that after an user
sollecitation he has done the modifications.

if the mantainer of gentoo's x11 overlay is reading this, i need to point
out 2 things:

the xorg-server-9999 ebuild needs update to remove mesa includes, or the dri
module won't load. i've had this problems on an ati x1200 rs690 board and
i've managed to get dri to work only after removing the mesa includes from
the ebuild.
the second point is that there's an alternative synaptics driver available.
i've tested it and it builds and works quite fine, even if it doesn't have
all the functionalities of the original synaptics driver.
there's a thread on this list about it.

i've manually removed the mesa includes from the ebuild and it now
fixes the dri issue.
dott. ing. beso

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