Wrapping up 7.4 (finally)

Jeremy Huddleston jeremyhu at freedesktop.org
Wed Jun 11 22:01:17 PDT 2008

On Jun 11, 2008, at 14:26, Alan Coopersmith wrote:

> Adam Jackson wrote:
>> After that, it's just about publishing the module list and sending
>> release announcements.
> Michael Verret & I have been trying to keep the new modules list on
> http://www.x.org/wiki/Releases/7.4 up to date.   If anyone has  
> released
> a new version they think should be in 7.4, it would be good to make  
> sure
> it's there.
> So far, there's only a couple module releases I've been purposely
> excluding - I assumed xproto-7.0.13 & xextproto-7.0.3 were 7.5 bound
> with the MPX changes, so didn't list them.

You also list OSX support on the 7.4 list, but I don't think we're  
going to have a working Xquartz based on the 1.5 server any time in  
the next 2 months.  There are some odd issues that I haven't had time  
to focus on (intending first to push out a release based on the 1.4  
branch which is working very well now).  How do you want to handle that?

If you want to actually claim OSX support with X11R7.4, then we  
actually need the following:
roll a new release from xtrans head
mention that the Xquartz server for X11R7.4 is actually xorg- 

Additionally, we should probably roll a new release of xinit to fix a  
brown-bag issue with xserverrc that I committed a fix to (yes, I  
committed the breakage as well).


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