Wrapping up 7.4 (finally)

Sergio Monteiro Basto sergio at sergiomb.no-ip.org
Wed Jun 11 18:07:28 PDT 2008

On Wed, 2008-06-11 at 16:48 -0700, Rob Currey wrote:
> >We also need to start planning what we want in 7.5.
> Hint: try building the git on Redhat 5, Solaris10, HPUX 11.11+ ... (and god 
> forbid AIX 5.3)
> Couldn't xnest be a baseline xserver target for these "non-linux" platforms 
> ??? (this *is* X.org and not Xfree86 correct?)
> <Adam Jackson ... from a RH5 virgin system, what rpm list is necessary? 
> (hint: python 2.5?)>
> <Alan Coopersmith ... what's it take for Solaris10? got a pkglist?>
> <is there a core developer from HP any more? would be nice to see the depots 
> needed.>
> <AIX ???? (ya, I know who cares)>
> Besides portability to non-linuxen ... I'm sure many have seen 
> http://tech.slashdot.org/article.pl?sid=08/06/11/0229209
> Some of the rants are noise, but there are many people who simply give up 
> because ...
> "git sucks"
> "builds just don't work"
> "'modular'?, still seems pretty 'monolithic'!"

yap the modular thing, IHMO Xorg sources just have to have modular
things , I tried modular things on HP-UX, and pretty works   

> etc
> Would be nice if 7.5 could fix some of *those* issues ...
> One last thing, it's probably time to cut loose much of the "cruft"
> 1) app/* has bits than can be cut loose to fend for themselves (e.g. xeyes, 
> xlogo, ...) ... let sourceforge or redhat or someone pick up the pieces (or 
> else they simply die) ... IOW, not X.org's problem anymore!

redhat , better, the packer which works on redhat , don't pick up this
pieces because , just because , seems to him that they are worthless.
but we can build a rpm package with non-supported applications. 

> 2) drop xlib ... embrace xcb and be done with it. When venders (e.g. QT, 
> gtk, etc) get wind of this, they'll also transition to xcb in a hurry.

> 3) if a parts are dead, cut 'em off (e.g. mfb/cfb, XTrap, LBX, XPrint?, etc)
> I'm *wanting* to move past R6.9 and into R7.x ... but it is *so* painful.

of course, that should be easy. On Mandriva, (I am trying to pack this
on a Portuguese Linux) Xorg 7.3.1 (I call it the new stable release :)
has 344 binary packages, I could send you the list.

> <putting on my flame suit> 
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