Wrapping up 7.4 (finally)

Rob Currey robc at graphon.com
Wed Jun 11 16:48:28 PDT 2008

>We also need to start planning what we want in 7.5.

Hint: try building the git on Redhat 5, Solaris10, HPUX 11.11+ ... (and god 
forbid AIX 5.3)
Couldn't xnest be a baseline xserver target for these "non-linux" platforms 
??? (this *is* X.org and not Xfree86 correct?)
<Adam Jackson ... from a RH5 virgin system, what rpm list is necessary? 
(hint: python 2.5?)>
<Alan Coopersmith ... what's it take for Solaris10? got a pkglist?>
<is there a core developer from HP any more? would be nice to see the depots 
<AIX ???? (ya, I know who cares)>

Besides portability to non-linuxen ... I'm sure many have seen 
Some of the rants are noise, but there are many people who simply give up 
because ...
"git sucks"
"builds just don't work"
"'modular'?, still seems pretty 'monolithic'!"
Would be nice if 7.5 could fix some of *those* issues ...

One last thing, it's probably time to cut loose much of the "cruft"
1) app/* has bits than can be cut loose to fend for themselves (e.g. xeyes, 
xlogo, ...) ... let sourceforge or redhat or someone pick up the pieces (or 
else they simply die) ... IOW, not X.org's problem anymore!
2) drop xlib ... embrace xcb and be done with it. When venders (e.g. QT, 
gtk, etc) get wind of this, they'll also transition to xcb in a hurry.
3) if a parts are dead, cut 'em off (e.g. mfb/cfb, XTrap, LBX, XPrint?, etc)

I'm *wanting* to move past R6.9 and into R7.x ... but it is *so* painful.

<putting on my flame suit> 

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