Wrapping up 7.4 (finally)

Daniel Stone daniel at fooishbar.org
Wed Jun 11 14:47:28 PDT 2008


On Wed, Jun 11, 2008 at 04:57:48PM -0400, Adam Jackson wrote:
> After 1.5, I want to get a good blessed set of top-tier drivers.  This
> means pretty much anything I haven't been doing automated releases for:
> ati, nv, intel, xgi, xgixp, mga...  This also means smashing evdev into
> shape to call 2.0, if there's anything left we need done there.  If this
> sounds like a driver you care about, now would be the time to think
> about what branch and/or release you want to be in the 7.4 katamari.

AFAICT, all the input drivers enabled in build.sh are in good shape, and
none of them have meaningful branches.

> We also need to start planning what we want in 7.5.  Be aware that,
> historically speaking, we deliver on about 51% of what we target for a
> release.  This is great for the stock market, but kind of crap for
> software.  Let's be less crap.

For 7.5, I'd like to see vastly less shit documentation and a vastly
better website delivered.  (Note passive tense.)  Our continuous
inability to attract future core developers is crippling us, and either
way we win: if people document stuff then it saves complicated handwavy
explanations on IRC, and if people decide that it's easier to fix stuff
to be less horrific than to document it, then that's a provable win as

There's still a hell of a lot of driver legwork left to do, but the 1.6
server has enough core functionality that I think we can justify
spending time trying to make the insanity less accessible, instead of
frantically attempting to make it function at all.

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