Indirect Rendering in Xserver 1.4

Michel Dänzer michel at
Wed Jun 11 00:19:48 PDT 2008

On Tue, 2008-06-10 at 16:10 -0700, Mohan Parthasarathy wrote:
> I can see that the X server 1.4 borrows code from  Mesa when it comes
> to swrast, vbo etc. I have two questions regarding
> this.
> 1) I don't see the code being used by Xserver. Is that right ? Is the
> plan to include it in the next version ?

It's been used since XFree86 4.0... :) With current releases, it's in
the GLcore module, which gets loaded when AIGLX is disabled.

> 2) Does the indirect rendering ever use the hardware acceleration ? I
> guess not. Is there a plan for this ?

Indirect rendering is accelerated when AIGLX is enabled, using the same
* used by libGL for direct rendering.

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