what to do to get response?

Tomas Carnecky tom at dbservice.com
Tue Jun 10 03:35:12 PDT 2008

Rik Bobbaers wrote:
> hmm... 
> in my mail there's a list of keys that don't work anymore in xev.
> the kernel is OK, he sees all the keys and registers the events on both
> devices
> it's just xev doesn't seem to map the keys with an event code > 255 (the
> evtest output of both devices is attached in my original post)
> and some keys which used to give a keypressed/keyreleased event, now
> "changed" to a focusout/in/keymapnotifyevent for some strange reason.
> so there are basilcy 2 problems:
> 1. what happens to the keys with an event code > 255 (it used to work in
> ubuntu 7.10)
> 2. how is it possible for the <stop> and <rewind> button to suddenly
> change from keypressed/keyreleased events to keymapnotifyevents ? and
> where/how do i make it act as a normal button again?

I can't answer your first question, but to your second: I *think* this 
means that an application has grabbed the keys. I see this behavior for 
example with my 'volume up/down' keys, some gnome component has grabbed 
these keys and when I press those I get an OSD (on screen display) 
displaying the volume change. I'm sure that if you run just a bare 
xsession, just xterm without anything else (any of the other gnome 
components etc) then you'll see that pressing the keys will generate 


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