G35: crosstalk from integrated GPU to sound chip

Rainer Dorsch rdorsch at web.de
Sun Jun 8 11:02:23 PDT 2008

Am Sonntag, 8. Juni 2008 schrieb Kevin DeKorte:
> Simon Thum wrote:
> |> Anybody seen something like this before?
> |>
> |> Any suggestions are welcome.
> |
> | I've had power supplys emitting some noise when you move the mouse,
> | Screens flickering if you'd press the ALT key, ...
> | I'd try looking for decoupled supply for your amplifier (if there is one
> | outside the SC), use unamplified output and the like.
> |
> | But I guess one has to live with the fact 'digital' never means 'purely
> | digital'.
> |
> | Good luck!
> I have this same Asus board and I don't get any extra noise from mine.
> In fact I think the sound quality is quite good. I'm using powered
> speakers from the rear jack, no SPDIF or HDMI. I'm using an Antec case
> and power supply. Although I got fed up with the drivers for the G35
> chip (screen corruption and X crashes) and so I put an ATI 3650 card
> into my machine and have been happy ever since.

I am using the HDMI to DIV path. To run this I had to use the VESA driver 
until http://bugs.freedesktop.org/show_bug.cgi?id=13968 was fixed.

With the latest driver from git I had one crash when running googleearth.


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