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Fri Jun 6 12:02:22 PDT 2008

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Chuck Robey wrote:
> In building libXpm, I get a bunch (maybe 40) missing symbols, so I chose the
> first one (fix it, the rest fall into line, you know?) named XtSetLanguageProc.
> I did a for loop in the installtion dir, only found that symbol in libXt.a.
> Just in case, I also looked in my already existing non-base libdir
> (/usr/local/lib) and only found it in libXt.a also.  Both places it's a text
> symbol.  I looked at the linking line in the make listing, it's not using libXt
> (no -lXt), so, I thought to ask if the world would end if I modified something
> like maybe to cause it to like libXt a bit better?
> I mean, that wouldn't cause me any other downstream problems, would it?

Omigosh, it's not libXpm, it's sxpm, very sorry.  I did a lot of searching only
to find I had screwed up the dir.  Forget it, I will do myu own checking for a
while (the rest is right, but I need to see why it wants Xt).
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