my Xinput module for the tablet

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Fri Jun 6 01:09:24 PDT 2008

Chuck Robey a écrit :

> Why is it that Peter's suggestion of using dbus compatibility to have drivers be
> loaded and unladed hot a bad thing?  It allows me to keep my X11 up the whole
> time, and bring it up and down very rapidly for testing.  It seems like a very
> good idea, so why is everyone else pushing me away from it?

Woah, I'm not pushing you away from anything. I'm just pointing out that 
Screen might be able to help you achieving your goal. You sure as hell 
do whatever you want with your time, using whatever tools you want.

I pointed out Screen because very few people seem to know it exists, 
that's all. And since you were talking about potentially crashing your X 
server, it seemed like a pretty good recommendation.

> Unless I get some better notion than personal feelings, I am going to stay the
> course.

If Peter's suggestion works, sure! You asked for suggestions, I just 
gave you one :)


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