my Xinput module for the tablet

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Mon Jun 2 14:42:33 PDT 2008

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I have done all my demo usb stuff, to where the rest of my coding is associated
solely with fitting it to Xorg, no longer getting it to talk to usb.  I
downloaded a copy of all your sources, and I guess I will be satisfied with
using the sources as the only documentation, as little as I like that, because
ctags and vim make that less than impossible to use.  The only thing I need is
some info on doing testing.

You see, when I did the usb stuff, getting test results were no problem at all,
but now, with the format, I haven't got any sort of idea how to
go about doing testing, short of having to restart my X11 screens from start,
and doing that as a boot.  That's going to be slow as hell while I work at small
intermediate steps (which is the way I like to test driver-type software.

Is there any method I'm innocently unaware of, that will allow me better testing?


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