[XRender] Howto draw a hairline-trapezoid?

Clemens Eisserer linuxhippy at gmail.com
Mon Jun 2 08:30:28 PDT 2008

Hello Glynn,

Thanks a lot for the hint with line_width.
Yes, I was using a zero line width, after setting it to 1 I get the
same results as with XRender, it seems the Intel-Driver was
responsible for th nice lines and not XDrawLine.

Is there any way for getting "nice lines" with XRender, without
emmiting many many small trapezoids?

Thanks a lot, lg Clemens

> What line width are you using for XDrawLine()? Zero or one?
> The rendering of zero-width lines by XDrawLine() can vary between
> drivers. The XChangeGC() manual page says:
>       Thin lines (zero line-width) are one-pixel-wide lines drawn using an
>       unspecified, device-dependent algorithm.  There are only two con-
>       straints on this algorithm.
>       1.   If a line is drawn unclipped from [x1,y1] to [x2,y2] and if
>            another line is drawn unclipped from [x1+dx,y1+dy] to
>            [x2+dx,y2+dy], a point [x,y] is touched by drawing the first line
>            if and only if the point [x+dx,y+dy] is touched by drawing the
>            second line.
>       2.   The effective set of points comprising a line cannot be affected
>            by clipping.  That is, a point is touched in a clipped line if and
>            only if the point lies inside the clipping region and the point
>            would be touched by the line when drawn unclipped.
>       A wide line drawn from [x1,y1] to [x2,y2] always draws the same pixels
>       as a wide line drawn from [x2,y2] to [x1,y1], not counting cap-style
>       and join-style.  It is recommended that this property be true for thin
>       lines, but this is not required.  A line-width of zero may differ from
>       a line-width of one in which pixels are drawn.  This permits the use of
>       many manufacturers' line drawing hardware, which may run many times
>       faster than the more precisely specified wide lines.
> --
> Glynn Clements <glynn at gclements.plus.com>

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