colour management and dual-head displays

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On 6/1/08, Marius Gedminas <mgedmin at> wrote:
> Somewhat tangentially to the colour management discussing currently
>  going on: My desktop spans two different monitors (laptop's internal LCD
>  + an external monitor).  These two monitors show the same RGB values
>  differently.  What needs to be done to have applications look the same
>  on either monitor?  What about windows spanning both monitors?

You always have the linear color correction on the video card. You can
typically have two independent signals, with a correction for each. So
a real clone mode would share color correction.

If and how this is exposed depends on your drivers.

>  Could this be an argument for the composition manager to handle
>  color-space conversion, at least in some cases?  Figuring out which parts
>  of which widgets fall on which monitor might be a bit too much of a
>  complexity to require from the toolkits and applications.
>  Or is this use-case unreasonably hard to support?  I also wonder about
>  clone modes.
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