ANN: xterm patch #238

Thomas Dickey dickey at
Tue Dec 30 11:18:36 PST 2008

                            Patch #238 - 2008/12/30

     * update  configure  macro  CF_XOPEN_SOURCE  for  AIX  6.x  and  Mint
     * reset  the  screen wrapping-flag at the end of ClearRight to fix an
       occasional  case where the last character of a scrolled and wrapped
       line would be cleared (patch by Joe Peterson).
     * modify  to use POSIX coding for comparing resource settings such as
       locale,  to  work  with  locales  such as Turkish (report by M Vefa
     * turn   on   configure   paste64  feature  by  default  (request  by
       Jean-Philippe   Bernardy).  It  is  runtime  enabled/disabled  with
     * turn  on  configure  tcap-query  feature  by  default, add resource
       allowTcapOps to make this runtime enabled/disabled.
     * make  OSC  3 (change X property, from [242]patch #110) subject to
       allowWindowOps resource.
     * make VT220 DSR responses inactive in VT100-mode.
     * make DECUDK feature inactive in VT100-mode.
     * respond to incorrectly formatted DECRQSS with a cancel.
     * add  allowFontOps resource to allow the fontsize-switching and font
       query/set  control  sequences  to  be enabled/disabled (prompted by
       Debian #510030).
     * some  code  cleanup  based  on  gcc  4.x  -Wconversion  warnings in
       button.c and charproc.c
     * modify   tcap-query   feature   to  not  return  data  for  shifted
       cursor-keys when the keyboard type is set to vt220, since returning
       the  same  string  for  shifted/unshifted  keys  may  confuse  some
       applications (GenToo #212546).

Thomas E. Dickey
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