[ANNOUNCE] xf86-video-siliconmotion 1.7.0

Paulo César Pereira de Andrade pcpa at mandriva.com.br
Mon Dec 29 14:09:01 PST 2008

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  Xorg SiliconMotion Video Driver 1.7.0 features include support for
SMI 50x chipsets, RandR 1.2, EXA acceleration Method, Dual Head, etc.

  Special thanks to Teddy Wang <teddy.wang AT siliconmotion.com.cn>
for support and help in responding and/or triaging hardware related

- ------------------------------------------------------------------------
Adam Jackson (1):
      Dead code removal.

Arnaud Patard (1):
      Correct a problem when handling i420 format.

Francisco Jerez (28):
      Memory detection moved before memory mapping in SMI_PreInit.
      Make the int10/VBE initialization depend on the UseBIOS
configuration option.
      Updates in SMI_EnterVT when remapping memory.
      RandR rotation implemented.
      Some fixes in the EXA UTS/DTS code.
      Allow using XV and RandR rotation simultaneously.
      Fix XAA, ShadowFB and VT switching for non-sm501 chipsets
      RandR1.2 initial implementation (WIP)
      Some corrections in the CRTC code.
      Simple EXA Composite implementation.
      Changes in the video overlay clipping code.
      Lynx hardware cursor code adapted to the CRTC interfaces.
      Remove shadowfb based rotation support.
      Update the man page
      Remove unused fifo_* options.
      Disable screen centering on mode initialization.
      Some corrections on the Lynx modesetting code.
      Fix XAA SolidFill with 32 bpp framebuffer.
      Fall back to UseBIOS off when VBEInit fails.
      Enable linear memory mode on SMI_MapMmio.
      Fix crashes when switching VTs with EXA enabled.
      Add some quirks for SM712 modesetting.
      Cleanup the Lynx register saving/restoring code.
      Allocate crtc->funcs and output->funcs in the heap.
      Fix SMI_CrtcShadowAllocate.
      Add a CRTC/Output implementation using BIOS for modesetting.
      Add support for clone mode on Lynx chipsets.
      Some more quirks for the SM712.

Nathael Pajani (1):
      Bit twelve on CPR00 bitfield is not bit eleven...

Paulo Cesar Pereira de Andrade (92):
      Fix build for removal of xf86Version.h
      Add initial support and macros for the MSOC.
      Change SILICONMOTION_NAME value
      Add code to probe and recognize the SMI501 chipset
      MSOC doesn't access VGA registers or VBE/INT10
      Update xaa and generic acceleration code for the MSOC.
      Update MSOC video interface.
      Bump version to 1.6.1.
      Split SMI_MapMem in SMI_MapMem and SMI_MapMmio
      Don't pretend this driver compiles on XFree86.
      Correct xv video problems on MSOC.
      Correct all compiler warning messages.
      Rename global smi501 functions to have SMI501 prefix.
      Complete rewrite of smi_501.c and smi_501.h.
      Update for new smi_501 interfaces.
      Correct video offscreen memory allocation routines.
      Add a missing CHECK_SECONDARY macro call.
      Add initial exa support for SMI501.
      Enable pci retry and pci burst by default.
      Add MSOC palette support to run at 8 bpp.
      Kludge to not lock the SMI 501 when running at 8bpp.
      Fix a leak and minor cosmetic change.
      Rework/simplify debug macros.
      Simplify hw cursor and sw cursor option handling.
      Remove unused .cvsignore files.
      Split SMI501_ModeInit in two functions.
      Correct logic in sw cursor handling and add missing entries to
      Correct problems in clock setting.
      Fix incorrect understanding of the pixel clock from specs.
      Don't try to find the closest clock, just use highest one.
      Properly check pScrn->driverPrivate before deferencing it.
      Don't always program CRT clock and registers.
      Update to match the SMI 502 chipset specs.
      Remove the macro field, and rename the detail structure to f.
      Correct clock programming for the SMI 501/502
      Add support for the extra divider in the alternate pixel clock setting.
      Rewrite some macros to not have side effects in if/else nesting.
      Remove the IN_SEQ and OUT_SEQ macros.
      Rename macro "bitfield" to "bits" and correct a wrong division.
      Simplify regsmi.h by removing most unused SMI501 defines.
      Don't use the 1 multiplier on older chipsets.
      Rewrite WaitQueue and WaitIdle accell macros
      Make the input frequency in SMI501_FindPLLClock a variable
      Add a PanelSize/60Hz CVT mode at driver initialization
      Minor corrections for smi501 for the randr1.2 integration.
      Remove dependency on xf86cvt.c.
      Extra MSOC tweaks for the RandR1.2 changes.
      Correct incorrect pll3 calculation.
      Revert/modify some RandR changes to reenable XAA.
      Update sm502 pll3 programming.
      Don't change M1XCLK unless option specified in xorg.conf.
      Crt interface corrections.
      Use existing "Dualhead" option in MSOC.
      Make UseFBDev option functional again.
      Make Dualhead option functional.
      Update msoc to use randr cursor routines
      SMI501/502 cursor fixes.
      Disable HW cursor in dualhead mode in smi 501/502
      Update memory detection for MSOC.
      Make MSOC work with EXA offscreen manager.
      Add CSCVideo option to smi 501/502.
      Allow setting modes larger then panel for secondary output.
      Use the CRT Monitor Detect MSOC register.
      Remove the ZoomOnLCD option and update manpage for PCIRetry.
      Correct wrong offset value for secondary hardware cursor.
      Add support for the reading/writing the alpha layer registers.
      Implement an argb cursor using the alpha layer.
      Disable detection of crt for the smi 501/502.
      Correct a problem in CSC video on the smi 501/502.
      Enable gamma correction on the MSOC.
      Changed to use panel plane tl and tr to center modes smaller then
panel size.
      Don't restore alpha registers, as they are not being modified.
      Be more liberal about mode width validation.
      MSOC: Hide cursor on mode setup when using software cursor.
      Correct regressions in CSCVideo
      Only compile smi_dga.c when xf86DiDGAInit is not available.
      Don't explicitly call the cursor routines.
      Correct EXA+Randr+rotated mode.
      Enable XAA and randr rotated modes.
      Declare DGA fields only when not using xf86DiDGAInit.
      Use a single debug macro for leaving functions.
      Ensure the engine is idle before switching to a virtual terminal.
      Remove smi_dga.c and polylines code from smi_xaa.c.
      DGA is dependent on HAVE_XMODES.
      Properly restore console on the smi 501/502.
      Unless there is a xorg.conf option, don't modify mclck neither mxclck.
      Janitor/maintenance patches.
      Add definitions for the SMI 501/502 "command list interpreter".
      Enable the SMI 501/502 command list interpreter in a "debug" build.
      Simplification and redundancy removal in video code.
      Use util-macros XORG_CHANGELOG and XORG_CWARNFLAGS.
      Bump release to 1.7.0.

git tag: xf86-video-siliconmotion-1.7.0

MD5: f9acffba89d8be200f91bab3d1df80da  xf86-video-siliconmotion-1.7.0.tar.bz2
SHA1: ebbe5d20244f5e6fca5568ea55379a9a866d303e 

MD5: 0ef835bbb810bc6636bf17270224dc1d  xf86-video-siliconmotion-1.7.0.tar.gz
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