Initial Radeon R6xx/R7xx acceleration support pushed

Alex Deucher alexdeucher at
Mon Dec 29 13:33:39 PST 2008

It's finally here!  r6xx-r7xx-support branches of the drm and

After months of hard work we are finally able to push out initial drm
and accel code for r6xx and r7xx chipsets.  We couldn't have done this
without a lot of hard work from a lot of people.  Of particular note:

Matthias Hopf - implementing r600_demo as a test program to get the hw
up and running
Dave Airlie - initial r6xx drm implementation
John Bridgman - sheparding along the IP review process

This release is mostly targeted at developers as the code is not
really ready for regular use.  The accompanying r6xx/r7xx register
spec is still in IP review and will be released soon.

Current drm status:
- only indirect ioctl currently implemented (for EXA/Xv)
- mesa support will require additional work

Current EXA/Xv status:
- lack of direction blitter makes overlapping copy blits difficult.
current code breaks down overlapping blits into line by line blits of
non-overlapping regions. running xcompmgr -a is highly recommended for
decent performance
- a8 support has issues
- planar Xv shader implemented, but not working properly yet
- missing Xv shader support for packed formats. should be easy to
adapt the planar Xv shader once that is working
- composite mask support is currently broken. I suspect the interpolater setup.
- depth 16 is untested


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