radeon supported resolutions?

Felix Miata mrmazda at ij.net
Sun Dec 28 02:33:04 PST 2008

On 2008/12/28 09:58 (GMT+0100) Tomasz Torcz composed:

> On Sat, Dec 27, 2008 at 11:13:10PM -0500, Felix Miata wrote:

>> On 2008/12/27 23:07 (GMT+0200) Nikos Chantziaras composed:

>> > Felix Miata wrote:

>> >> I have DVI cards and
>> >> displays and cables, but have never found reason to try them.

>> > Better picture quality.  Many people can't make out a difference though. 

>> Exactly. How does any normal person find an opportunity to see any
>> difference? Most of the internet is extreme lowfi designed for 1024x768 or below.

>   Normal person can see when image is blurred, or high-contrast items
> have “ghosts” around them. It often happens with low- and medium-quality
> VGA cables, never with DVI.

>   You seem to mistake screen resolution with screen quality (sharpness).

You seem to have ignored my question, but then maybe none of the many
permanently attached VGA cables, or few removable VGA cables, I have
encountered during my lifetime would seem to qualify as low quality. Is there
some FOSS tool or web site that hosts images to be used for testing for
ghosting or blurriness?
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