xserver 1.6 branch and mouse position zapping

Brian Rogers brian_rogers at comcast.net
Wed Dec 24 17:57:50 PST 2008

Colin Guthrie wrote:
> 'Twas brillig, and Colin Guthrie at 24/12/08 02:11 did gyre and gimble:
>> Hi,
>> Just built the 1.6 branch + recent mesa snapshot and other such stuff.
>> It seems to be stable enough just now, but one thing that's been 
>> affected is how the mouse positions itself to top-left after a certain 
>> operations.
>> So far I've found odd behaviour when doing:
>>   * Compiz cube dragging (ctrl+alt+click and drag)
>>   * Compiz window moving (alt+click and drag)
>>   * Compiz window moving (click and drag on title bar)
>> When this happens the mouse just jumps to the top left, but not always 
>> immediately.
>> While this could easily be a compiz issue (I certainly cannot reproduce 
>> in metacity), I'm guessing it's related to the xserver change. I have 
>> also updated to the latest input-proto and other such stuff too.
>> Is there an obvious starting point to look further into this? Or perhaps 
>> it's a known issue?
> I'm thinking that there is *something* up with mouse moves generally. 
> Simple things like hovering the mouse over a link in firefox is also a 
> bit odd. Hard to describe really but it seems that the "hover" event (in 
> web/js event terminology) only happens when the mouse is actually 
> *moving* not when it's just settled over the link.
> Of course this could be unrelated :)
> Col
I'm seeing that issue, too, and I also attributed this to the xserver as 
well. It seems to have appeared when the 1.6 branch was put into Ubuntu 
Jaunty. And I'm seeing the same issue on my master branch build.

Firefox seems to be detecting the hover somewhere else once the mouse 
stops. For example, sometimes after moving the pointer over one of the 
items on my bookmarks toolbar, I get the hover effect there whenever the 
mouse stops instead of the actual location of the pointer. Right 
clicking a link seems to make the issue go away for a while. I'm also 
noticing many odd effects with compiz and x2x is completely broken with 
the north/south/west/east options.

So yeah, I think these are all xserver issues.

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