More Displaylink stuff

Alan Cox alan at
Wed Dec 24 15:51:33 PST 2008

> so are the subsequent image blocks. However, when I change the background 
> image and reboot the VM, I can get the same "key" at startup, but 
> different image blocks. So I'm quite sure it can't be any kind of hash.

So both encrypted VNC or RDP variants are candidates. It doesn't sound
like VNC because you'd expect a series of small messages first - key

> However, assuming for a moment that they just took a big bunch of VNC code 
> and hacked their driver out of that, that could possibly be a reason.

or if they are using standard RDP code from Windows likewise.

> One other question: as mentioned, I suspect that the first big block 
> (which seems to be very regular, and contain some kind of counter every 
> 10 bytes) is a sort of RAM initialization. So, does that mean that it's 
> SRAM, DRAM or something else? And where (some Xorg driver?) could I find 
> an example for such RAM init code?

There are probably more samples of that in the Linux kernel. Lots of
device firmware downloads are of them form

[offset] [some fixed number of bytes] [checksum]

Do you know what chip is in the device ?


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