Preferred (gentoo) Intel Stack?

Bogdan Burlacu froz3nshade at
Tue Dec 23 16:51:20 PST 2008

Hi Matt

I'm using gentoo ~amd64 with gentoo-sources-2.6.27-r7, mesa-7.2,
libdrm-2.4.1, xf86-video-intel. Not using the x11 overlay because I've
had problems in the past with latest versions.

2d performance is good and I can play with fullscreen all I want.
3d.. well, I'm eagerly waiting for the 2.6.28 gentoo-sources and then
see. I have an x4500MHD (gm45) IGP.

m h wrote:
> Folks-
> I just moved from Ubuntu 8.04 (32 bit) to Gentoo (64 bit) on my
> Thinkpad t61p.  After doing so, I've had X crash when toggling xine to
> fullscreen (which wasn't happening in ubuntu).  This happens with both
> amd64 and ~amd64 versions of the intel driver.  I guess I'm asking if
> there are gentoo folk out there that are happy with their intel
> driver, can they point me in the right direction.  Are there overlays
> I should be using?
> Sorry if this is off topic, I guess I could post the X logs, but I
> figured I'd ask first if there are people who are satisfied (or have a
> non-crashing driver) first.
> thanks much,
> -matt
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