Preferred (gentoo) Intel Stack?

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Tue Dec 23 13:53:37 PST 2008

2008/12/23 m h <sesquile at>:
> Folks-
> I just moved from Ubuntu 8.04 (32 bit) to Gentoo (64 bit) on my
> Thinkpad t61p.  After doing so, I've had X crash when toggling xine to
> fullscreen (which wasn't happening in ubuntu).  This happens with both
> amd64 and ~amd64 versions of the intel driver.  I guess I'm asking if
> there are gentoo folk out there that are happy with their intel
> driver, can they point me in the right direction.  Are there overlays
> I should be using?
> Sorry if this is off topic, I guess I could post the X logs, but I
> figured I'd ask first if there are people who are satisfied (or have a
> non-crashing driver) first.
as intel driver gets a big quota of git updates before being packaged, you might
want to test a bleeding edge xorg + xorg drivers. the x11 overlay is
what you need
in this case. first install all the protos there, then go with the
libs, then update mesa and xorg
and drivers. also be aware that you need a currently working kernel
version in /usr/src/linux,
as the drivers that need to install modules look for it there. also
you'll surely want to use
the x11-drm provided by this overlay. you might also want to use a
full ~amd64 world,
since from my personal experience (ando also of other users) most of
the time is better
than the normal amd64 branch. just have them both in accept_keywords
and you'll use this
then another good overlay with quality ebuilds is berkano: it has live
versions of x264, ffmpeg,
mplayer (it's better used on nvidia boards, since the vdpau is still
not included in tar releases).
another good overlay is desktop-effects, which has compiz and related
packages (newer and also
live versions). if you like testing stuff you might also want to try
out flameeyes-overlay.
the sabayon overlay contains some stuff not included in official tree,
but if you want to use it,
you'll have to mask the overlay and just use the package you'll want,
since the -r version of sabayon
is higher than portage official tree and will overwrite official tree.
the other overlay that contains a big horde of packages not included
in official tree is sunrise.
here you'll find freenet and other goodies or badies.
the java-overlay actually includes the icedtea package, the 64bit java
plugin for firefox 64 bit, but
it needs gcc built with gcj flag, which will continue to trigger its
reinstall when doing revdep-rebuild.
if you want to use the full 64bit capability of your system i'd
suggest you unmask (not unkeyword, but unmask)
the new netscape-flash version, which is only 64bit capable and
install icedtea6. if you want to stand by
until the new sun-jre-1.6 update 12 reaches the tree (it has official
64bit nsplugin for firefox) you won't
be able to use java till then.
i'd also suggest you to add "-Wl, --as-needed" to your ldflags since
it will reduce the high ammount of
unnecessary rebuilds after abi breakage changes to libraries by
recompiling only the needed deps.
the last thing i'd suggest is to have a personal overlay where you can
manually modify your personal ebuilds.
also i'd suggest you to put the distfiles to /var/tmp/distfiles (be
sure not to mount the /var/tmp to a tmpfs before,
if you want to keep the downloaded distfiles) and to have a backup
copy of your base packages, like gcc,
glibc, portage (use quickpkg to package them from your installed tree)
or use the buildpkg feature of
portage (this will build the quickpkgs for every package in your tree
and will take out a huge ammount of
disc space).
also, if you have much ram, i'd reccomend the use of inram compilation
(it's faster than normal disc
compilation), but this is reccomended only to users who want to take
advantage of their high ram

dott. ing. beso

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