Solved HAL XI Prolems | New Question: WindowManager

fl0 at fl0 at
Tue Dec 23 04:31:24 PST 2008

Hello Everybody,

since my last post - and Peters' hint to install
haldevel and dbusdevel (thanks again) before building
your new Xorg stack - everything's fine.

I'm on Ubuntu (gdm + metacity) and I'd like to use two-handed 
interaction (maybe implement an application during the x-mas holidays). 
At the moment I have 3 mice (pointer) up an running. The problem is I can't have
multiple foci...I guess this is a problem of GDM (metacity). 
Which WindowManager is prefered to be used for Xi2 interactions?

BlackBox? OpenBox?

Cheers, Florian   

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