X Server HAL <-> XI Problems

Florian Lier fl0 at icram.de
Mon Dec 22 15:58:15 PST 2008

Good evening everybody (CET),

I'm currently testing Peter Hutterers' XI. AFAIK you don't
need any device configuration via xorg.conf, instead you choose
evdev (e.g. at /etc/hal/fdi/policy/mydevices.fdi) - then HAL should
automagically add the devices (at least mouse & kbd) at startup.

My System:
ThinkPad x31
Ubuntu 8.10 (2.6.27-11)
GDM + Metacity
Ati Mobile

Here's the output of my (stable) 1.5.2 XServer:

fl0 at m0thership:~$ xinput -version
version 1.3.0
fl0 at m0thership:~$ xinput --list --short
"Virtual core keyboard"    id=0    [XKeyboard]
"Virtual core pointer"    id=1    [XPointer]
"Macintosh mouse button emulation"    id=2    [XExtensionPointer]
"Logitech Logitech USB Keyboard"    id=3    [XExtensionKeyboard]
"Logitech Logitech USB Keyboard"    id=4    [XExtensionKeyboard]
"Razer Razer Copperhead Laser Mouse"    id=5    [XExtensionKeyboard]
"Razer Razer Copperhead Laser Mouse"    id=6    [XExtensionPointer]

Next step: Logout - switch to TTY1 - login as root and start "X" like that:

/etc/init.d/gdm stop
export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/my/path/to/the1.6.99.1/lib
startx -- /my/path/to/the1.6.99.1/bin/Xorg :1

---- starts fine ---

Output of my XServer:

root at mpx:~$ xinput --list --short
"Virtual core keyboard"    id=0    [XKeyboard]
"Virtual core pointer"    id=1    [XPointer]
"<default pointer>"    id=2    [XExtensionPointer]
"<default keyboard>"    id=3    [XExtensionKeyboard]


1. lshal and lsusb correctly lists the above devices.
2. restarting HAL doesn't help.
3. /my/path/to/the1.6.99.1/bin/xinput --create-master "f00" works, but 
there's obviously no device to reattach it :/

Any suggestions?

cheers, Fl0rian

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