Docs in the modular tree, how to ?

Joao Moreira joao.moreira at
Wed Dec 17 14:31:38 PST 2008

Hi all,

I've downloaded the modular tree using the git_xorg script, as described
in the ModularDevelopersGuide wiki page.

I see a 'doc' subdirectory, which I've tried to build, it installs a set 
of .sgml
files, these seem to be some docs that I'd like to read... what should
I do with this ? I saw that there's also a xorg-sgml-doctools ?

I'm going to be offline for some time (Xmas season :-), and I was hoping
I could take some reading material with me, which is why the wiki docs
is not what I'm looking for. Maybe there's a description somewhere of
how to build an independent set of docs ? this would help.


Joao Moreira de Sa Coutinho
joao.moreira at

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