S-video with Intel Graphics Card

R. G. Newbury newbury at mandamus.org
Mon Dec 15 06:51:27 PST 2008

"I am trying to clone my desktop to a television using an S-video cable. I'm
am using an 82852/855GM Intel graphics card. I have tried editing my
xorg.conf several times and it has never worked. The best I can get from my
television is a flicker, and editing my xorg.conf usually messes up my
computer monitor as well. My goal is to at least get some kind of picture on
the TV screen. I wouldn't really mind if it was black and white or didn't
use the whole screen, so long as it works. Can I get some help with this

To start, make sure that your BIOS enables dual output through VGA and 
S-video ( often called TV-OUT). Test by booting with only one of the 
pair (VGA/S-video) plugged in. You *should* (cross fingers, throw salt 
over your left shoulder etc. etc.) get output during boot, even if it 
then gives a blank screen. THEN you can get into setting up xorg.conf 
for a dual output. Man intel and man xorg.conf will be your friend.


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