XInput2 MD without SD again

Christian Beier beier at
Sun Dec 14 15:11:04 PST 2008

Hi there,

I have (again) a question related to the MD/SD devices introduced with
XI2. So far i was able to feed input into pointer MDs (without SDs
attached) via XTestFakeDevice*, but now I'm stuck with the keyboard
MDs. These accept keycodes via XTest, but are somehow stateless, as I
cannot press Shift and enter capital letters. I remember that is so
intentionally and that MDs adopt the state of the last connected SD. So
I now just attach my physical keyboards SD to the new MD, send a Shift
up-down, reattach the SD to the virtual core keyboard, and it works.

Only to problems with this approach:

1) Seems quite ugly to me. Is there a cleaner way to solve this? Like
   copying device capabilities?

2) What's worse, when I now send input to my SD-less MD, it somehow
   re-attaches my real keyboards SD to itself again. Is this
   intentionally so?


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