Cannot get DRI to work

Beso givemesugarr at
Fri Dec 12 15:09:50 PST 2008

2008/12/12 Hendrik Friedel <hen_mail at>:
> Hello Beso,
> Thanks for your strong support.
> I'll try to answer your points:
> 1) Sorry, but I don't know when the libdrm modules are compiled. I've not
> compiled a new kernel on this installation, so if the modules are compiled
> with the kernel, then it should be still the right modules
they are a part of mesa. usually distros build it separated since this
needs to be
rebuilt after each kernel update, while mesa itself doesn't.

> 2/3) I copied your recommended settings to my xorg.conf.
> Option "BusType" "AGP"
> Option "MaxGARTSize" "integer" # the one you set in the bios and the kernel
> finds out.
> Option "UseInternalAGPGART" "no"
> Option "KernelModuleParm" "agplock=0" # then try unsupported
> Option "AGPv3Mask"   "0x00000001"  # disable 8x and 4x agp
> Option "AGPv3Mask"  "0x00000002"
> Option "AGPMask"  "0x00000010" # disable fast writes and 4x and 2x support
> Option "AGPMask"  "0x00000004"
> Option "AGPMask" "0x00000002"
> Option        "DRI" "true"
> Option        "mtrr" "on"
> Option        "AccelMethod" "EXA"
> a) no. Loading the module gives no direct error, but dmesg:
> uvesafb: mode switch failed (eax=0x14f, err=0)
> [drm:radeon_cp_init] *ERROR* radeon_cp_init called without lock held
> [drm:drm_unlock] *ERROR* Process 31612 using kernel context 0
> uvesafb: mode switch failed (eax=0x14f, err=0)
well, the problem seems to be that the kernel doesn't really find the
agp aperture.
then it seems to be some sort of problem with xorg locks. i don't know
if it's related
to the kernel not finding the gart.

> If I restart X now, nothing has changed.
> b) I have no direct assess (only ssh) currently. I'll do that tomorrow.
> Regarding the resolution: The FullHD resolution works with this card.
> Regarding the framebuffer: I can't find an option for the ATI-Framebuffer in
> my kernel settings (attached).
make menuconfig in the kernel directory and go to:
device drivers -> graphics support -> framebuffer devices
here you should just have selected:
* video mode handling
* enable firmware edid
* vesa vga graphics support
untagged the ati radeon display support

then in the graphics support you should have
-*- /dev/agpgart (AGP Support) ->
tagged like this and in the submodule all the chipsets as modules.
(you seem to have
the intel agp controller as default one). is this the agp controller
of your mobo?

the latest is needed for agp support. even if enabled on non agp
systems it doesn't
matter since it will simply not get used. also the problem i just
found out is that you've
compiled the kernel drm instead the mesa libdrm. this doesn't really
work for radeon hw.
you should go to the same graphics support where you controlled the agpgart and
deselect the Direct Rendering Manager block (all of it, including its

after that recompile the kernel with make && make modules_install &&
make install,
get the libdrm in some way (usually your distro has it somewhere or
download the archive
from freedesktop) and install it.
reboot, try loading the drm module with
modprobe drm and see dmesg and lsmod. if everything went fine then try
loading radeon
with mdoprobe radeon. if that works you should have dri enabled and
just try out by starting
xorg. look at the xorg log and see the confirmation there. then go and
tweak your configuration.

dott. ing. beso

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