How To Reduce/Eliminate Horizontal Tearing

Cameron Hutchison lists at
Thu Dec 11 20:22:34 PST 2008

"Nick Nobody" <me at> writes:

>I'm using Ubuntu 8.10 with a GM945 (at 1920x1080) for my media center PC.
>The problem I'm running into is a bunch of horizontal tearing on higher
>resolution videos (720p or greater). From what I can tell it's not a CPU
>limitation but rather something related to the graphics card...

I have a GM945-based media centre PC that I just set up, although only
at standard definition. I also noticed tearing when playing full screen
videos with mplayer.

My solution was found by running "xvinfo", noticing that two X-Video
ports were ports were available and using the second.

For mplayer, this was a matter of running it with -vo xv:port=xx, where
xx was the port number of the second port. This can also go into
mplayer's config file.

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