Weird corruption with Xephyr

Yan Seiner yan at
Thu Dec 11 15:15:18 PST 2008

Aaron Plattner wrote:
> On Thu, Dec 11, 2008 at 07:50:41AM -0800, Yan Seiner wrote:
>> I'm seeing this rather weird corruption with Xephyr.  The system is 
>> running Debian Lenny  with a custom kernel.  I am running 
>> Xephyr 1.5.3.  I've captured an image of this here:
>> <>
>> This happens after some time - can be minutes, hours or days.  The 
>> screen just flickers and then wraps right a lot and down very slightly.  
>> You can see it in the poor quality image above (sorry for the poor 
>> quality image.  That was shot with a handheld video camera).  This has 
>> happened on 2 of the 3 Xephyr servers so far.
> This actually does sound like a bug in the driver to me.  Please run
> after reproducing the problem and send the resulting
> nvidia-bug-report.log file to linux-bugs at
OK, the issue appeared with 180.11, 177.82, and 177.67.  I've downgraded 
to Xephyr 1.5.0 which doesn't appear to have the problem (yet).  If it's 
stable, I'll switch back to 1.5.3 and 177.82 and see if I can reproduce 
it.  It may be a while as I am about to go on vacation and be away from 
all this until after New Year.  :-)

The reason I suspect Xephyr is that it doesn't appear to happen on 
screens adjacent to the broken one.  In other words, on a dual DVI, 
single GPU card, I'd expect both outputs to be corrupt.  Not so.  It 
happens independently on each head, regardless of whether they share the 
GPU or not.


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