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William Tracy afishionado at
Thu Dec 11 12:38:31 PST 2008

1. I don't use btnx, so I don't share his problem. Ask him for details, not me.
2. The root of the problem seems related to changes in Xorg, so I
thought I'd pass it along. If it actually has more to do with a Linux
kernel change, my apologies for spamming the list.

Short summary: btnx is a program for remapping extra mouse buttons to
different actions. A recent Xorg release (supposedly related to the
introduction of evdev) seems to break the API it depends on.

Now, if there's just a *different* API available now for accessing raw
mouse input, and the user-visible applications just need to catch up,
then fine. However, if this information is simply no longer available
to clients, then this list should at least be aware of the issue.

Thanks for reading.

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