How To Reduce/Eliminate Horizontal Tearing

Markus Strobl mstrobl2 at
Thu Dec 11 06:02:26 PST 2008

Nikos Chantziaras wrote:
> Nick Nobody wrote:
>>> That would be just a temporary solution with too many problems (since I
>>> assume a real solution will be in DRI2?)  The OpenGL method with VSync
>>> works quite well.
>> Can you recommend a media player that is able to use OpenGL? I've tried
>> mplayer but even on a relatively fast cpu it can't playback the video fast
>> enough (720p content). Unless I'm missing some magic switch that's buried
>> deep within the man page :)
> I'm afraid there's no magic switch :P  You can give VLC a shot but it 
> never worked for me.  Unfortunately, HD video and Linux still don't play 
> along well.

That's not my experience. I've tested most of the possible combinations: 
Intel, ATI+fglrx,
ATI+Radeon and closed-source NVidia. Only Intel has the tearing issue. 
All the others play
video, including HD-Video, perfectly.  BTW, my MediaPC has a cheap dual 
core Intel Core 2 @1.8 GHz
and a $30 NVidia graphics card. It has no problems playing H.264 720p. 
The above is using XV, I don't use
the OpenGL overlay as it had some issues.

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